Tricks to Make You a Better Airbnb Host


You’ve been listing on Airbnb for a while now and the experience has been nothing but great. You’ve been making good money, getting decent reviews, and are booked more often than not. So sure, you may be doing well, but this doesn’t mean you should sit back and get complacent. There are always ways to improve, get better reviews, more bookings, or maybe even raise your rates. We’ve put together some simple, but effective tips to give your Airbnb a boost, set it apart, and make every guest’s experience comfortable.

1. Netflix

Sometimes being a tourist in a new city is exhausting, running around all day, exploring as much as possible. Set your space apart by encouraging them to unwind and enjoy Netflix. You provide a luxury service without having to pay for full cable.  Most guests do not have time to sit through commercials while staying at your place anyways and Netflix offers built-in parental controls for families, everyone wins. 

2. Local Guide Books and Maps

Getting to know a new city can be tough, especially if you have a long list of sites and activities to get through. Laying out some local city guides, maps, and lists of recommended restaurants, museums, or activities can add a personal touch that guests love. This little extra bit of effort shows your guests that you care about their experience, not just the money you’re bringing in.

3. Have a selection of refreshments available  

The hotel mini bar is one of the industries best creations. Simple, quick, affordable snacks and drinks available at a moment’s notice. Try to incorporate this practice in your rental space. Having a small selection of snacks and beverages will undoubtedly satisfy many guests. Print up a small list with information and prices for your guests. Always make sure expiration dates are clearly written on each individually wrapped package. 

 4. Consider All Consumables You’d Find at a Hotel

Do you have an iron? Hair dryer? Maybe even a bathrobe? Well, if you are hosting you should have all of these and more available. Treat your listing like a business, everything you would find in a regular hotel room should be in your space. Guests want to feel taken care of, this means having any amenities they may need to make their stay comfortable. 

5.Provide Support for Your Guests

Perhaps the best way to set yourself apart, providing guest support for your guests during the entirety of their stay. Guests need help, sometimes a lot of it. From deciding on restaurants to figuring out the wifi, guests need a point person to deal with anything that may come up. The best hosts operate like a concierge at a hotel, available for any and all questions. If you find yourself unavailable or away, hire a partner such as NestFiller to handle guest support.


Snowbirds Should Learn to Share


Hello winter, the best time of the year! It’s starting to get cold, the leaves are off the trees, and you’re packing your bags to fly south to your second property, your oasis. You’re always ready to get back to sun-filled days and warm breezes.

On the trip down you notice yet another article in the paper about millennials making money using  companies with names like Uber, Etsy, and Airbnb. What is this all about, you wonder? Are any millennials holding real jobs anymore you wonder, or are young people only earning money through sharing their homes, cars, and skills with other people directly, using the Internet to connect with consumers.

Once you make it to your destination, you can’t help but keep thinking about this sharing economy. If young people are making money with things they already own, why can’t you? Well, the answer is you can, but unfortunately young people currently dominate the sharing economy.

People under 40 represent over 50% of the sharing economy’s users. Through websites where you can share cars, crafts, or homes, young people are making a tidy profit, in some cases turning this low risk way to make money, in to a full time income. Only 14% of users in the sharing economy are over 65. This leaves a ton of people that are missing out on their part of a $15 billion a year industry.

The ability to make several thousand dollars a year with minimal investment and a low amount of work is something that snowbirds especially, can benefit from. You have an entire home sitting empty year round, you can only be in one place at a time, why not open your home, the benefits go beyond the extra cash.

You may be thinking to yourself, I am half a country away from my other home, how can I possibly handle all the odds and ends of renting out my home? Make it even easier, use a company like NestFiller that specializes in taking care of your listing and making you money, while you sit back and brainstorm what you’re going to do with the extra money. NestFiller manages your Airbnb listing, communicating with all prospective guests, setting pricing, greeting guest, exchanging keys, and providing support for your guests. They even work with storage companies to secure your valuables in a secure off-site location.

The sharing economy is an economy of the future, more and more people will start to make money using what they already have. Snowbirds should not be missing out. To take part in the sharing economy, all you need is something to share, snowbirds lifestyle often requires more than one home, what are you waiting for, start sharing.

Questions to ask yourself before hosting on Airbnb

Platforms such as Airbnb are allowing people to collect a significant chunk of change instead of collecting dust in their unused rooms. There are a few steps that need to be taken before cashing in though. Your home is now generating revenue for providing a service, and like all businesses, there are precautions you need to take. We’ve put together a list of things all hosts need to consider before filling their home using Airbnb.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 1.44.52 PM

  1. Is My Home Eligible?

This is something you’re going to have to consider unless you own your own home. Condominiums, apartments, and Co-Ops have policies that you are going to need to abide by. This should be the first question you ask yourself.

  1. How Much Time Can I Dedicate to Hosting?

If you’re going to do something, do it right. Unless you have between 10-15 hours per week to dedicate to responding to guest inquiries, optimizing your profile, and keeping up with market trends you should consider hiring a company such as NestFiller to handle the heavy lifting.

  1. Which Possessions Should I Store?

Your home is your sanctuary, your nest. Take an inventory of the belongings in your home and make arrangements to store anything of value. From personal documents such as passports to priceless items such as family photo albums, keep them in off-site storage. NestFiller ensures all of our hosts safeguard their valuables and helps you with the process of packing and storing your possessions.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 3.15.10 PM

  1. Have I Outlined What’s Included?

It’s crucial to be transparent with your guests, be open and honest from their first inquiry. Let guests know what amenities are included, they’ll expect an iron and hairdryer, you must clearly outline in your profile what guests will have access to and what they should bring.

  1. What Sort of People Do I Want to Host?

Think about what sort of guests would make for the best experience. Some hosts prefer business or older travelers. These preferences should be thought through and will help you fill your nest with the best.

  1. Am I Able to Provide Guest Support?

Undoubtedly guests need support, more often than we’d like to think. Are you ready to help them when the key sticks at midnight or they accidentally set off the smoke detector?

  1. Do I Have Time to Optimize Pricing?

Earning money on Airbnb is an art. You need to understand the market in order to set pricing according to demand and market inventory. Are you up to the challenge? Investing in a manger such as NestFiller to handle this piece will make you more profitable.


  1. Is My Home Ready for Guests?

We always try to put our best foot forward when inviting guests into our home. Make sure to have extra light bulbs on hand, a first-aid kit, and clean linens. NestFiller recommends investing in a spare set of sheets, extra towels, and some small toiletries to have for your guest.

  1. Do I Have Professional-Quality Photos?

The right photos will make your space stand out, highlight what’s special, and set guest’s expectations. Take photos that represent what your guests will find when they arrive. Clear any clutter, set out a few flower arrangements, and dust, it’ll make the space appear more inviting and spacious.


  1. Do I Have Guest Resources?

Think about what you want when you’re visiting a new city. Provide guests with things that will make their visit easier such as subway maps, lists of local restaurants, train cards, and a list of good areas for shopping. You also need to provide practical information such as your number in case of questions, wifi passwords, and instructions to use the television.

Why Every Older Adult Needs to Start Hosting on Airbnb

The sharing economy is allowing us to consume and profit in a way we never thought possible. Creative companies are springing up every day that help us share our assets and increase our income. Older adults have more unused rooms in their home and spend more consecutive days away from their home than any other age group, yet less than 10% of hosts on Airbnb are over the age of 60. What seems to be the problem?

It’s simple, imagine if ten years ago someone told you that they were “staying at an Airbnb”, you would have no idea what they were talking about. This is the same situation many older potential hosts still find them selves in, they simply haven’t heard of, don’t know how to use, or don’t know anyone that has used Airbnb. One company, NestFiller, focuses on helping older adults fill spare bedrooms in their home using platforms such as Airbnb. NestFiller manages all aspects of your listing, no need to learn a new website, clean before guests arrive, or orchestrate key exchanges, especially if you’re on the beach half way around the world!

We’ve put together 4 reasons why snowbirds, empty nesters, and seasoned travelers should be hosts on Airbnb and taking full advantage of the sharing economy.

  1. Income

Retirees are able to supplement their retirement savings, travelers can travel more, and snowbirds can make extra money from the space they aren’t using for half the year! The average Airbnb listing in NYC generates $44,784 annually and is booked 80% of the time. Empty nesters quickly find themselves with an extra room or two once their kids head off to college, after all, you’ve raised a child, isn’t it about time their bedroom affords you a few weeks in the sun?

Data on average Airbnb prices and occupancy rates came from Beyond Pricing, which tracks thousands of listings in each of the cities we analyzed.

  1. Social

Hosts are able to meet people from all over the world. Airbnb recently published a blog post celebrating their 60+ hosts, who overwhelmingly loved their Airbnb experience. Most of all, hosts loved being able to connect with new people.

  1. Sharing

One of the greatest things you can do in this world is share with your fellow man. Whether it be lending a hand, a car, or a room, sharing benefits every one involved. The ability to list your home for a lower price than any hotel can offer not only benefit a traveler who otherwise may have never been able to experience your city, sharing your space benefits you. Airbnb is not only about generating extra income; it is about sharing your home and creating a more globally accessible world.


  1. Community

Airbnb gives us a sense of belonging to a worldwide community of sharers and travelers. Older adults who have had great experiences hosting on Airbnb will be much more likely to stay at an Airbnb when they travel. Changing the way we view accommodation is inspiring us to lean on the Airbnb community of sharers, travel more, and make money while you’re at it.

We hope we’ve convinced you to fill spare rooms in your home by hosting on Airbnb. NestFiller has launched in the New York City area and will be expanding our reach in the near future. We’d love to hear from you,