Snowbirds Should Learn to Share


Hello winter, the best time of the year! It’s starting to get cold, the leaves are off the trees, and you’re packing your bags to fly south to your second property, your oasis. You’re always ready to get back to sun-filled days and warm breezes.

On the trip down you notice yet another article in the paper about millennials making money using  companies with names like Uber, Etsy, and Airbnb. What is this all about, you wonder? Are any millennials holding real jobs anymore you wonder, or are young people only earning money through sharing their homes, cars, and skills with other people directly, using the Internet to connect with consumers.

Once you make it to your destination, you can’t help but keep thinking about this sharing economy. If young people are making money with things they already own, why can’t you? Well, the answer is you can, but unfortunately young people currently dominate the sharing economy.

People under 40 represent over 50% of the sharing economy’s users. Through websites where you can share cars, crafts, or homes, young people are making a tidy profit, in some cases turning this low risk way to make money, in to a full time income. Only 14% of users in the sharing economy are over 65. This leaves a ton of people that are missing out on their part of a $15 billion a year industry.

The ability to make several thousand dollars a year with minimal investment and a low amount of work is something that snowbirds especially, can benefit from. You have an entire home sitting empty year round, you can only be in one place at a time, why not open your home, the benefits go beyond the extra cash.

You may be thinking to yourself, I am half a country away from my other home, how can I possibly handle all the odds and ends of renting out my home? Make it even easier, use a company like NestFiller that specializes in taking care of your listing and making you money, while you sit back and brainstorm what you’re going to do with the extra money. NestFiller manages your Airbnb listing, communicating with all prospective guests, setting pricing, greeting guest, exchanging keys, and providing support for your guests. They even work with storage companies to secure your valuables in a secure off-site location.

The sharing economy is an economy of the future, more and more people will start to make money using what they already have. Snowbirds should not be missing out. To take part in the sharing economy, all you need is something to share, snowbirds lifestyle often requires more than one home, what are you waiting for, start sharing.


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