Tricks to Make You a Better Airbnb Host


You’ve been listing on Airbnb for a while now and the experience has been nothing but great. You’ve been making good money, getting decent reviews, and are booked more often than not. So sure, you may be doing well, but this doesn’t mean you should sit back and get complacent. There are always ways to improve, get better reviews, more bookings, or maybe even raise your rates. We’ve put together some simple, but effective tips to give your Airbnb a boost, set it apart, and make every guest’s experience comfortable.

1. Netflix

Sometimes being a tourist in a new city is exhausting, running around all day, exploring as much as possible. Set your space apart by encouraging them to unwind and enjoy Netflix. You provide a luxury service without having to pay for full cable.  Most guests do not have time to sit through commercials while staying at your place anyways and Netflix offers built-in parental controls for families, everyone wins. 

2. Local Guide Books and Maps

Getting to know a new city can be tough, especially if you have a long list of sites and activities to get through. Laying out some local city guides, maps, and lists of recommended restaurants, museums, or activities can add a personal touch that guests love. This little extra bit of effort shows your guests that you care about their experience, not just the money you’re bringing in.

3. Have a selection of refreshments available  

The hotel mini bar is one of the industries best creations. Simple, quick, affordable snacks and drinks available at a moment’s notice. Try to incorporate this practice in your rental space. Having a small selection of snacks and beverages will undoubtedly satisfy many guests. Print up a small list with information and prices for your guests. Always make sure expiration dates are clearly written on each individually wrapped package. 

 4. Consider All Consumables You’d Find at a Hotel

Do you have an iron? Hair dryer? Maybe even a bathrobe? Well, if you are hosting you should have all of these and more available. Treat your listing like a business, everything you would find in a regular hotel room should be in your space. Guests want to feel taken care of, this means having any amenities they may need to make their stay comfortable. 

5.Provide Support for Your Guests

Perhaps the best way to set yourself apart, providing guest support for your guests during the entirety of their stay. Guests need help, sometimes a lot of it. From deciding on restaurants to figuring out the wifi, guests need a point person to deal with anything that may come up. The best hosts operate like a concierge at a hotel, available for any and all questions. If you find yourself unavailable or away, hire a partner such as NestFiller to handle guest support.